Company History

Edwards Wire Rope was established in Oklahoma City in 1985. For 25 years now, we have been wholesaling customized rigging for heavy construction, heavy industry, and oil field services. We keep a large inventory on hand for fill-ins, and specialize in quickly meeting our customers' needs.

We also proudly specialize in cable and allied products for Homeland Security needs. Whether it's a Water Treatment Facility, Navy/Army/Marine/Air Force or National Guard base, or any other government installation, we have the experience and the stock on-hand to assist with your project.

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Recent Projects

  • Custom rigging for Co-generators at Disney World
  • Elevator cable for Communication Tower at Pearl Harbor
  • Steady supplier for Army COE, US Navy and Air Force
  • Kansas City Speedway NASCAR Track - Kansas City, MO
  • Nashville Super Speedway NASCAR Track - Nashville, TN
  • Houston Port Authority
  • Chemical/Petroleum Refineries
  • Water Treatment Facilities
  • Reinforced Security Fencing

Nashville Super Speedway

Kansas City Super Speedway

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